Floating - Pure Wellness

Wellness means well-being - feeling good, this is the basis of health, physical and mental performance and emotional balance.


- Relaxes the entire musculoskeletal very deeply, because the water supports your body, takes the function of muscles and skeleton.

- Acts as a reset button, it puts ‚the head' completely in its normal state. No sensory stimuli must be processed by the brain, that recovers in short time, the stress will be relieved, dissolved.

- The surface of the body is maintained in an excellent way, the skin and hair nourished, purified - even rejuvenated! The brine in which we float, has even an effect of a very powerful anti-aging treatment. What more could you expect from wellness?


We define the technique of flotation even as part of the medical wellness - unlike other wellness techniques that will be far less effective - float can also actively promote the healing of various diseases, normalize the emotional and energetic imbalances, balance yin and yang without take external (obscure) forces. The only power we use during a floating session is our own vitality.


FloatBern, your wellness island in Berne